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Use the drop-down menus under each section to view detailed demographic information on our County. Population, labour force, educational attainment, income and industry information are currently available. Need more? Contact Sturgeon County Economic Development today!


Sturgeon County has seen population growth of 4.7% from 2011-2016. (Figure 1)

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The >65 years old age group had the highest population growth of 30% over the 5 years, followed by an increase of 3% in the working age group (20-64 years). (Table 1)

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The County has the highest proportion of working aged residents (15-64 yrs) compared to surrounding census subdivisions. (Figure 2)

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Sturgeon County’s labour force has a large population of self-employed individuals. 19% of the county’s working population were self employed in 2016, which was 6% above the national and provincial rates. (Figure 3)

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The unemployment rate in the county was 7.2% in 2016, again below the national and provincial rates, and the 3rd lowest in the surrounding CSD areas. (Figure 4)

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63% of Sturgeon County’s 25-64 years age group has achieved a post-secondary degree, certificate or diploma by 2016 (Figure 5)

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Of the 6665 individuals with a post secondary degree, 1/3 studied architecture, engineering, or related technologies. Of the 1/3, the focuses of studies (from greatest to least individuals) have been in mechanic & repair technologies, construction, and engineering

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Sturgeon had the 2nd highest median total income per household in 2015 with $121,984.00, within the CSD region (Figure 8)

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Looking at the median employment income for full-year full-time workers, Sturgeon county is the second highest county within the CSD region at $73,045.00 (Figure 9)

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Sturgeon County’s sector breakdown is measured in # of establishments in each sector, and an estimate of people employed within the sector.

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The county’s 3 largest sectors, in 2016, by # of establishments are construction, agriculture, and Real estate, rental & leasing (Figure 10)

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By labour force count within each sector, construction is still the largest sector, followed by agriculture, and third: transportation & warehousing (Figure 11)

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# of establishments without employees is removed to see the sectors that employ the most amount of people in the county: Construction, Transportation & warehousing, and Manufacturing (Figure 11)

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The largest number of establishments are without employees, which supports the findings previously that Sturgeon County has a large amount of self employed individuals in Figure 3. (Figure 12)

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