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Did you know? The Sturgeon Valley represents a key area of residential and commercial growth for Sturgeon County. Commonly known as “The Valley”, this established community is home to over 3500 residents and began with a statutory plan in 1999.


Sturgeon Valley is an established community of over 3,500 residents supported by a statutory plan originally approved in 1999. This plan required amendment to allow for the future growth and completion of the community.

There has been significant work to-date to advance Sturgeon Valley planning and development. In March 2019, Sturgeon County received provincial approval for a new policy to guide planning of future Sturgeon Valley neighbourhoods. Sturgeon County collaborated with the cities of Edmonton and St. Albert to develop these policies in response to a requirement of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB).

A detailed growth framework has been completed in addtion to a transportation analysis and fiscal impact assessment. Sturgeon County is continuing to advance the planning framework for Sturgeon Valley which includes an update to the county's existing Municipal Development Plan (MDP), updating the existing Sturgeon Valley Area Structure Plan (ASP) and development of a new ASP for the Sturgeon Valley Growth Area. The county is targeting Q2, 2021 for completion and adoption of the planning framework.

Sturgeon Valley will offer compelling investment opportunities for both residential and commercial development. Sturgeon County Economic Development and county administration look forward to working with our regional partners, developers and real estate professionals to build the Edmonton Metro Region's best community.

For more information on the Sturgeon Valley planning process, please contact Michael Klassen, Program Lead, Long Range and Regional Planning at 780-939-8370, or by email at:

For more information on residential and commercial development in Sturgeon Valley, please contact Michael Richard, Lead, Investment Attraction at 780-939-8356, or by email at:


Sturgeon County forecasts significant residential, commercial and industrial growth within our borders. While the County encourages development of all kinds, we wish to balance the amount of growth in all development segments while providing robust opportunities for our businesses to thrive, and our residents to live, work and play. 

In late 2019, MXD Development Strategists and WSP Canada conducted a detailed Commercial Development Analysis on behalf of Sturgeon County. The study showcased commercial development market opportunity across the county in the immediate to near-term, quantifying and ranking the ideal types and locations which afford the best possible opportunities for growth and investment.

A total of eight priority areas were identified, with five areas representing the best opportunity for immediate commercial development based on market demand, transportation networks, infrastructure, regulatory certainty and stakeholder feedback. Commercial developent areas located in or near Sturgeon Valley, the Villeneuve Airport and Sturgeon Industrial Park provide excellent development and investment potential. 

For more information on the Commercial Development Analysis, or to learn more about current development opportunities in Sturgeon County please contact us.


Sturgeon County has several industrial areas for every type of business venture. Each industrial area has a unique set of permitted and discretionary uses, locational and competitive advantages which provide industrial development prospects throughout the County. This ensures that developers have an array of areas to invest in, and businesses can find the perfect location - regardless of industry type. For more information, please visit our Industrial Areas page.

Alberta's Industrial Heartland

Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is one of the world’s most attractive locations for chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas investment. The Heartland region has attracted over $40 billion of investment and developed into Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing centre. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland’s 40+ companies, several being world scale, provide fuels, fertilizers, power, petrochemicals and more to provincial and global consumers.

There is a value-added energy investment window open right now for North America, with the potential to attract $30 billion in new capital investment to Alberta’s Industrial Heartland alone by 2030 – if we work together at all levels of government to create a competitive investment climate. Learn More.

Sturgeon Industrial Park (SIP)

The Sturgeon Industrial Park (SIP) is ideally located for light and medium industry to capitalize on mega-projects in both Alberta’s Industrial Heartland and in Alberta’s Oil Sands. With recent County investments to upgrade infrastructure, SIP now has over 2,000 acres of serviced land and another 1,400 acres available. SIP has an established road network which includes excellent access to major highways including Alberta’s High Load Corridor, Alberta’s abundant natural resources and the CN Sturgeon Industrial Rail Line. Existing SIP businesses operate in the advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, chemicals manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries.

Villeneuve Airport

Villeneuve Airport (ZVL) is owned and operated by Edmonton International Airport (EIA). Designated as a satellite airport by Transport Canada, Villeneuve Airport has now become the most significant general aviation airport in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, and is the only general aviation airport in the region with a NAV CANADA Air Traffic Control Tower.

Commercial services at the Villeneuve Airport directly support light aircraft flight activity, flight training, recreational flying, corporate and air charter activity, and aircraft maintenance. Plans for future growth are underway and will consider a business industrial park that seeks to attract airport related commercial and industrial uses. EIA is currently updating the Strategic Plan for Villeneuve Airport, with completion anticipated in summer, 2019.

Villeneuve Airport will proudly host the Edmonton Airshow on August 17 and 18, 2019 with over 40,000 people expected to attend. For more information on the Edmonton Airshow please visit:

ProNorth Industrial

ProNorth Industrial Park is situated on the South edge of Sturgeon County, five minutes from St. Albert and 30 minutes from downtown Edmonton. ProNorth businesses provide services in general contracting and construction, aviation operations, storage and warehousing, modular building manufacturing, welding, machining and fabricating.

The County is currently evaluating expansion opportunities and infrastructure upgrades at ProNorth.

More Information

For more information on residential, commercial and industrial development opportunities in Sturgeon County, please contact us.


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